Jan 19 2011

A Sad Farewell from a Very Thankful Lady

It’s with mixed feelings that I tell you all that Noshfood will no longer be after today.

I started Nosh a little over a year ago after being asked by a bunch of friends/acquaintances if they could purchase certain baked goods and of course, bacon jam, from me. It started quickly and busily without too much time to really think about whether or not it was what I wanted to do. However, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I was extremely blessed to have so much support from my friends, family and everyone else that put in orders, gave me pats on the back, or sat by offering encouraging words while I stressed during a rush to get orders out.

Over the past few months, I’ve found myself growing less interested in the business. I feel strongly that if I don’t love something I’m investing my time and money into, it’s not worth it. Running your own business requires a lot of passion to stay motivated and keep at it when you really want to quit. And after the initial excitement wore off, I realized that passion was absent from Nosh.

It’s hard to not feel a sense of failure in all of this, but as an optimistic person, I feel incredibly proud and happy that I gave it my all and explored it the best I could.

Anyone who knows me, or reads my blog, knows that my heart is in cooking and food writing and I plan to continue working on The Gouda Life for as long as my hands allow me to cook and type.

I want to say the biggest, most heartfelt thank you to any and all of you who have supported me in this endeavour, ordered goods, mentored me, motivated me, and kept me sane. I will never forget how good you were to me.

I will, of course, still be baking all your favourites, but instead of payments, I think I’ll take interesting trades and IOUs.

For those interested, you can follow The Gouda Life here

Many thanks, many hugs, and lots of bacon,